Your Sartorially Stylish Guide to this year’s biggest menswear trends


In a world where ill-fitting stonewash jeans, Ikea bags and bulky trainers are being wheeled out at runway shows, normcore has never been more relevant.

It may not be the wisest idea to base a whole wardrobe around the concept but some normcore-inspired trainers (like A.P.C.’s Running Homme, above) or a dad cap would make welcome additions to any wardrobe.

Short Shorts

When it comes to shorts, the most common advice men are given is that the hem should fall just above the top of the knee. However, that time-tested advice is beginning to change.

Short shorts are enjoying a timely revival and can work very nicely if you are blessed with the legs to carry them off. If your legs are thicker set, on the other hand, you should stick to regular- or slim-cut styles.


Valstar ‘Valstarino’ deerskin leather bomber jacket with cashmere blend lining

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