The Top Five Most American Electric Vehicles

Ford C-MAX and Fusion Energi

The Ford C-MAX and Fusion Energi are the automaker’s top selling plug-in vehicle. It can travel 20 miles without gasoline.

Manufactured alongside the Focus Electric, the C-MAX has an overall score of 59. This is good enough for a fourth place ranking for electric vehicles in 2016.   Over half of the electrical and interior components were sourced overseas, in addition to the motor.

Chevrolet Volt

The Volt was recently redesigned and lost a few points over last year’s survey. Capable of 61 miles in EV mode, the Volt remained on the list with a score of 61. Half of body, chassis, and electrical components come from overseas in addition to the electric motor.   The redesigned Volt is challenging Tesla for the most plug-in sales this year in the United States.

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