The 10 Sexiest, Sustainable Bathing Suit Brands

Here’s the think about shopping for sustainable bathing suits: no, you can’t get ones made without petrochemical-based synthetics. I’m sorry.

I know you’ve seen some crocheted bikinis made with cotton, but unfortunately, once that crochet cotton gets wet, it stretches out. Believe me. I had one, and when I complained to the brand, their answer was that it’s not supposed to get wet. Oh! OK. It’s just decorative, then?

So, the what is a conscious consumer to do?

First, look for bathing suits made with recycled fabric, either from fishing nets or plastic water bottles. Then, look at where the textile is printed, and where the bathing suit is sewn. You want to make sure it’s made ethically in a country with strong manufacturing protections.

Lucky for you, there’s plenty to choose from with that criteria!


Made of eco-friendly recycled polyester that is certified by Fair Wear Foundation, these classy swimsuits by the lingerie/swim brand Underprotection are design in Denmark and fairly made in India.

Hirsuit by Otherwild

Hirsuit Swim by Otherwild is an androgynous swimsuit designed for a wide variety of bodies and gender expressions. Hirsuit fills the hole left by a limited and patriarchal notion of swimwear, made for people whose style choices fall outside of the fashion industry’s antiquated assumptions regarding gender and identity. It’s reversible, designed and made in New York City, and made out of 82% recycled polyester (plus 18% long life spandex).

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