The 10 Coolest Mens Haircuts Right Now

The Rebel Curls

Got a head of curls hiding underneath your baseball cap? Follow in the footsteps of rebels like the 1975’s Matthew Healy and let ’em shine with a long, shaggy cut that’s meant to be worn messy. Unwashed, un-styled, and paired with your favorite leather jacket the look is more Gavin Rossdale than Shirley Temple.

The Suedehead

A ’70s-era offshoot of the skinhead subculture in Britain, suedeheads wore dressier clothes and kept their hair slightly longer than their induction-cut friends. Today, the look is just an unpretentious take on the buzz-cut which simultaneously makes you appear younger and a bit edgier too. To get the cut ask your barber to use a #2 or #3 guard, keeping the length uniform all over.

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