The 10 Coolest Mens Haircuts Right Now

We can’t quite put a lid on 2016 just yet but we’d venture a guess that the best mens haircuts of the year have already been established. From Lucky Blue Smith’s debonaire wet-look hair to Jimmy Butler’s not-too-perfect flat top, the last ten months or so have proven that men have officially boxed themselves out of cookie-cutter cuts. Here, 10 of our favorite mens haircuts for this year and next. Maybe we’re being shortsighted but we just can’t imagine it getting any better than this.

The Brit-Boy Fade

The long-on-top fade has had its moment in the sun. For an updated take on the look try, a shorter, textured version of the cut. It has the same edgy creative-guy feel but is a little less Brooklyn, a little more London in spirit. Bonus points if you trade out your brown lace-up boots for a pair of shiny black Docs.

The Gatsby Slick-Back

In today’s extreme haircut world, a medium-length, tapered haircut can’t just flop around as-is. That would be a little too Hugh Grant circa 1995. Instead, guys with this length are slicking their hair with high-shine pomades and gels in order to give it a bit of a ’20s polish. The effect is pretty damn charming, and looks great with a nice suit.

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