Men’s Fashion: 15 top trends for Spring/Summer 2019

10. Sac de cou

Bag designs for men are always tricky for designers to approach, but this season, we can rest assured that Jacquemus, Givenchy and Fendi are solving the issue. Small bags attached to a neck chain were demonstrated – edgy, stylish and practical. We can’t ask for more.

11. Leather pants

A closet staple for all our music idols, the leather pant is the ultimate “lived-in” piece that transforms the most timid among us into a punk rock god. If they’re good enough for the likes of Mick Jagger, Iggy Pop and Jim Morrison then they can secure a place in our spring closet.

12. Tie-Dye

Streetwear meets Woodstock in this unusual combination of tie-dye used as a print for the bomber jackets, sweats and other streetwear pieces à la Louis Vuitton, MSGM and Ambush.

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