8 Men’s Fashion Trends To Keep For 2019


Unless you’ve been living under a soundproof rock (and/or failing to keep up with FashionBeans), you will already know that skatewear has been one of the biggest risers in menswear over the past couple of seasons.

Last year’s revival saw brands like DC and Airwalk rise from the ashes, while labels like Palace and Stussy continued to reign supreme along with trends like tie-dye and cross-body bags picking up pace. In short: anything that looks like it’s fit for the halfpipe is for the keep pile.

How To Wear It

“Wide-leg chinos, logo tees and canvas belts are all key to the look,” says style writer Miriam Bouteba. “But it’s just as much about the attitude with which you wear the pieces. “Let your belt hang down, layer your hoodie in interesting ways and who cares if your trainers are scuffed?”

The 1970s

The seventies have been staying alive in menswear in one form or another for years, but that didn’t stop the era from staging an outright onslaught on our wardrobes in 2018.

Fortunately, instead of disco hair and platform shoes, what we got was suede jackets, corduroy everything, retro trainers, roll necks, patterned knitwear and silk shirts galore. All of which, even nearly half a century on, are yet to have their heyday.

How To Wear It

“As far as I’m concerned, the 1970s never went out of style; roll necks, for example, have been a staple of my wardrobe for years,” says model and influencer Richard Biedul. “A fine- to medium-gauge version works well as a contrast to a heavily patterned or textured suit, or if you’re off-duty try wearing with some high-waisted trousers to fully commit to the 1970s look.”

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