8 Men’s Fashion Trends To Keep For 2019

With a seemingly never-ending drip of new-ins and new-outs, it can be hard on both your wallet and your wardrobe to continually play catch-up with the latest menswear collections.

Luckily, this season sees some of 2018’s biggest trends spill over into 2019. So as well as breaking down what you should be holding on to in order to nail the key looks, we caught up with some industry insiders to get the styling tips that’ll maximise the wears from last year’s investments.

Relaxed-Leg Trousers

Over the past few seasons, looser cuts and more relaxed shapes have worked their way off the runways and on to store rails. This voluminous way of dressing has infiltrated everything from coats and hoodies to suits and shoes (if you count the chunky trainer trend), but it arguably looks best down below on dad jeans, pleated trousers and not-so-tailored separates.

Although the look has been a slow-burner (and no doubt we’ll all get skinny jean withdrawals now and again), if you snapped up a more roomy fit this year, we have good news – relaxed-leg trousers have serious staying power (at least for another 12 months).

How To Wear It

“The easiest entry into the world of wider fits is with denim,” says River Island Style Studio chief Giles Farnham. “No need to go full Slim Shady though, a straight leg is a good first step. For a smarter look, it’s wise to wear something with weight like a wool-mix. This will gather nicely on your shoe rather than just looking like you’ve got your dad’s trousers on.”

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