6 Superb Reasons Why You Should Use Linux For Programming

Linux has long had a reputation as a place for programmers and geeks. We’ve written extensively about how the operating system is great for everyone from students to artists, but yes, Linux is a great platform for programming. Whether you’re taking into account the open ethos or the overall ecosystem, there are many reasons to consider making Linux your home for writing code.

Linux is Easy to Install

Most people never install an operating system. They may not even have a concept of what one is. This makes the idea of installing Linux that much harder to grasp.

But you’re a programmer. You can easily figure out how to search for a Linux operating system, grab an ISO, and write it to a USB drive. You have no problem pressing the necessary function key during boot and navigating the on-screen prompts that follow. Once you’ve booted up a live USB drive, installing Linux isn’t all that different from installing a program in Windows.Computer Science Computer Science Computer Science Computer Science Computer Science

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