6 Mens Cardigans That Won’t Make You Look Like Mr. Rogers

Men’s Cardigans for Office Life

Cardigan sweaters somehow show that you care. Whether you’re taking an extra twenty minutes during lunch or not, this neat, semi-formal men’s sweater will have coworkers thinking, “now that guy is probably getting his job done.”

A wool cable knit with lapels is an unexpected yet sophisticated substitute for your blazer or sports jacket. This look is perfect for fall and winter, and you can pair it with a fun tie bar to complete the casual-formal ensemble.

Alternatively, layer an understated lightweight cardigan over your button-down and tie. This smart, simple look will have you dressed for success.

Men’s Cardigans for your Weekend Errands

A cardigan can come in handy for casual affairs. About to reach for your old Columbia fleece or that Costco flannel that’s so old you don’t remember buying it? While those are understandable for your off-the-clock endeavors, we are here to challenge you, to elevate your game. The beauty of a cardigan is you are never over or underdressed.

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