6 Easiest Programming Languages to Learn for Beginners


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Don’t confuse JavaScript with Java. Whereas JavaScript is mainly a front-end development scripting language, Java is a programming language. JS is incredibly prevalent since it is cross-platform. As JS runs natively in your browser, you don’t even need a compiler. You simply need a notepad app or Sublime Text.

If you are eager to pursue web development, JavaScript is an excellent starter. The syntax is similar to that of C, so learning JS sets you up to continue with your programming education. Further, for beginners, JavaScript is more relenting and dynamically-typed (untyped). Because of its wide applicability, JS is a solid starter language. Further, it serves as a gateway to more complicated programming languages like C++.

Yet some such as Matthew Mombrea argue that JavaScript is in fact a poor starter. Mombrea argues that JS is a bad example of object-oriented programming, and moreover that it’s already really well known. Furthermore, while JS is untyped, which may lead to greater efficiency while programming, errors won’t be revealed until runtime. Thus, he claims, JavaScript is not the starting place if you want to make a career out of software development. But as an intro to the world of programming, it’s a solid choice. JS requires only a notepad app and a bit of research. It’s also instantly gratifying being cross-platform compatible.


  • Web development.


  • Cross-platform compatible.
  • No compiler.
  • Gateway to other languages.


  • Poor OOP example.
  • Untyped.
  • Difficult to debug.
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