6 Easiest Programming Languages to Learn for Beginners

Learning to program may seem like a daunting task. Luckily, it’s not nearly as difficult as it seems. With a bevy of resources available both on and offline, dedicated communities, and experts to follow on social media, learning programming is much simpler than it used to be. Even kids can get started programming early on.

However, learning to program is about finding the right language just as much as it’s about the edification process. Here are the top six easiest programming languages for beginners.Computer Science Computer Science Computer Science Computer Science Computer Science

A Word on “Easy”

What makes a programming language “easy” to learn for beginners varies. Some languages boast an intuitive syntax. While a language may be theoretically challenging, aspects such as a dedicated community can offset that difficulty. Therefore a slightly harder programming language may ultimately be easy for a beginner programmer owing to vast resources and expert knowledge.


C# is an awesome choice for beginners. There’s a pretty simple startup time: merely download Visual Studio Express for a comprehensive install of all necessary elements such as SQL Express. C# may be used for a variety of purposes, from web development to console applications. Syntax is based on C, so like C++ and C, it offers a stellar computer science foundation.

However, Visual Studio does have auto-complete, and aspects like auto-generated project files, C# may be more complex. Unlike in languages such as C and Ruby, there are multiple compliers and interpreters. But the easy to use IDE along with wide-ranging use make C# a good pick for beginner programmers.Computer Science Computer Science Computer Science Computer Science Computer Science


  • Application development.


  • Widely used.
  • Visual Studio makes startup simple.
  • Excellent comp sci understanding.
  • Easy to use IDE.


  • Complex compiler.
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