15 people reveal the best marriage advice they ever received from their parents

Natalia, 50

The best advice my late stepfather gave me was to: “Never go to bed upset with your spouse.” This can extend the tension, which could last for days or weeks in some cases. Communication, no matter how difficult it may be, must be at the forefront of the marriage.

Also, my father used to say, “Once the physical attraction and the honeymoon fades away, what’s left? Open communication keeps the relationship alive.”

Ashleigh, 38

My parents told my husband and I to start making decisions together from the very beginning – to work as a team when it comes to every aspect of our relationship. That advice has proven to be powerful, as he and I have experienced new careers, job changes, moving to new cities, and becoming new parents.

Making decisions together shows our respect for each other, which is something we rely on when one of us has to compromise. During the times when we struggle, knowing that we are in this together helps us make our way to the other side of whatever circumstance is in front of us.

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