10 Trends We Expect to See in Men’s Street Style This Year

Down-Filled Dreams

Speaking of puffers . . . plenty of guys are still into them. What’s changed is that they’re moving away from enormous, absolute-unit-style puffers towards “regular”-size coats in Crayola colors. Instead of hiding your entire outfit, they’re simply the final layer—and most guys are wearing them unzipped, all the better to reveal what’s underneath.

The Sort-Of Suit

For his latest Balenciaga men’s collection, Demna Gvasalia showed his idea of “tailoring for today’s generation”: easy, oversize shirt-jacket hybrids with matching trousers. “This is what I want to wear myself,” he told Vogue Runway’s Sarah Mower. Lots of men seem to be on the same page. At the recent shows, we saw guys in suits so relaxed, they didn’t feel “corporate” in the least, while others wore Balenciaga-ish button-downs and trousers in matching muted shades. Pierpaolo Piccioli’s Valentino Pre-Fall collection included his take on the look, too: A gently creased crimson button-down with matching wide-leg trousers—and sneakers, naturally.

Pants So Good, You’ll Forget About Your Skinnies

For what felt like a decade, the only pants we ever saw on men were of the skinny variety. The rule applied to jeans, chinos, suiting trousers, you name it—but things are changing fast. Guys are buying flares, cuffed wide-legs, and every variety of printed pant, from tartan to florals. It’s a trend that fits seamlessly into existing wardrobes: A printed pant works with a hoodie, blazer, sneaker . . . basically all the stuff you typically wear with jeans.

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