10 Top Tricks from Therapists on How to Deal with Anxiety

Set a breathing alarm

Taking a few cleansing breaths or doing a mini-meditation every few hours is great for reducing anxiety—but only if you remember to do it. This is why Torgerson recommends setting a reminder alert on your phone to go off at preset intervals. “When their reminder goes off, I tell them to take three deep diaphragmatic breaths, breathing slowly through their nose for three counts, and out of their mouth for five,” she says. Or download a meditation app and set it to remind you to do a mini-meditation every day. It’s a simple thing, but just remembering to take a few minutes out of your busy day for yourself can go a long way.

Act it out

If you’re worried about a particular situation, like giving a presentation at work or running into an ex-boyfriend, rehearsing it will both improve your performance when it happens and reduce your anxiety in the present, says Limongello. “Studies show that exercises such as role-playing can lead to increased confidence and reduced anxiety,” she says, adding that you can practice solo or role play with a trusted friend.

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