10 genius ways German inventors improved our lives

4. Carabiners

We all know how much Germans love the mountains, so it’s no surprise that the most important piece of gear in any climber’s equipment was invented by Otto Herzog, a Bavarian climber and inventor.

The carabiner has all sorts of uses, but this metal loop with a spring-loaded gate is most commonly used to allow a climber to safely scale or descend a steep cliff with the aid of a rope.

5. Lithography

Invented by Alois Senefelder in Bavaria in 1796, lithography has given the world some of its finest art. Most famously, Edvard Munch used the printing technique, but Picasso, Monet, Manet and just about any 20th century artist you care to name has used the technique.

Also just about any poster or newspaper printed today uses lithography, meaning there is barely an hour that goes by when you don’t see Senefelder’s influence on the world.

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