10 Computer Programming Jobs That Are In Demand Right Now You Need to Know

Mobile Development

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According to Pew Research, approximately 72 percent of Americans owned an internet-connected smartphone in 2016. Many other countries reported similar figures: 67 percent in Canada, 68 percent in the U.K., 77 percent in Australia, and a whopping 88 percent in South Korea.

And those numbers are still on the rise.

The mobile app craze may or may not have peaked, but one thing’s for sure: mobile apps have a long future ahead of them and mobile app developers will be in demand for quite some time. The industry is far from mature, but it has definitely settled in. Here are some ways you can take advantage:

  • Startups — First things first, joining a tech startup is risky. About half of all startups fail within the first five years. But if you’re young, single, ambitious, and persistent, it can be a dream worth chasing. Note that you don’t have to be a world-changing success like PayPal or Instagram. Even moderate success is still success.
  • Games — Like startups, games involve a ton of risk. You can pour months or years into a project, release it, and sell zero copies. Or you can spend a few weeks on a side project and end up with a smash hit like Angry Birds. A less risky route would be to work for an established mobile games company like Zynga, King, or EA Mobile.
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