10 Best Cities to Visit in Germany


Thanks to its International Airport, Frankfurt is the major travel hub for Germany and much of Europe. Many travelers arrive in this modern city and pass right through, but Frankfurt is worth stopping for.

Largely destroyed in WWII, Frankfurt was the rare German city that decided not to recreate the past but emerge anew. It is the financial center of the country with its own stock market (Deutsche Börse) and gleaming skyscrapers. Its Main Tower is the only high-rise open to the public and offers unbeatable views of the city skyline as well as its namesake, the Main River. Cities Cities Cities Cities Cities Cities Cities Cities Cities Cities

If you hanker for something traditional in this modern forest, explore the recreated city center of the Römerberg. Home to the City Hall (the Römer) which dates back to 1405, it is bordered with quaint half-timbered houses. For the best of Frankfurt’s traditional drink, apfelwein (or ebbelwoi), cross the river into the Sachsenhausen neighborhood

Frankfurt is host to many important events and conventions, such as the ​International Book Fair in October. Begun in 1478, it is the biggest book fair in the world.

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