Butcher-Block-TableThe most important part of one’s house is undoubtedly a kitchen https://twitter.com/butcherblockcom. It is a place where meals are been prepared and where the family members sit together with great enthusiasm to enjoy a meal together. In order to make the kitchen attractive and comfortable various things are used. If a person is not comfortable in the kitchen then he or she is not being able to cook food with interest. So in order to make the place comfortable various furniture, equipment and other things are used and one such thing is the butcher block table. The butcher block table combines the versatile and light design of a work table with the durable practicality and traditional look of a butcher block cutting surface.

The butcher block table is usually made up of hard maple which is glued either with an edge-grain or end-grain to prevent cracking and warping. These are available in a variety of base finish sizes, styles and thickness. Some of these are also designed with food-safe natural oil finish and touch and some of these are designed with a Veronique semi-gloss finish which gives a smooth and fine look to the furniture and the best part of having these types of tables are that you have to put little effort in maintaining them. These are available in various patterns, styles, sizes and setting and these are designed with rolling caster wheels, knife racks, towel bars, outlet strips and various other such things and these also provide you the things which you require to increase the storage and work space of the kitchen with style and convenience.

One of the best things about the butcher block table is that it is also been made up of environmentally friendly wood. You should look out for the FCS-certified (Forest Stewardship Council) wood from the renewable plantations in order to get an environmentally friendly table. You just need little effort to maintain it. Regular cleaning should be done to prevent the growth of the bacteria that can cause food poisoning. The surface should be cleaned with natural vinegar solution or bleach.

A butcher block table is been designed specially to efficiently chop the vegetables and meat on it. You cannot do the chopping on the kitchen table as it is not meant for cutting so you will not feel comfortable while cutting on it and to clean it up you will have to spend an equal amount of time on it and the marks from the peelers and knives will make it lose its beauty and your entire kitchen will also look very dull. The butcher block table is been made up of wood of hard and thick quality which helps you to chop away in peace. It is been designed in such a manner that the marks from the knife does not cause a great impact on its surface. These tables also have many drawers where you can keep your chopping knives, peelers, sharpeners and scissors. Shelves are also present in these types of tables where you are able to keep plates which you could use for keeping up the chopped items.